#briefbrief has come to an end, and it has proven to be a successful experiment. we set out to find the next rising stars of strategy and we’ve done just that during each of our 3 challenges. thanks to everyone who tweeted their ideas. we received almost 400 submissions, and we’re truly humbled by the passion and talent of the twitter strategy community. here are just a few of our favorites:

It only took $51 billion dollars, 3 million visitors and an endless storm of PR scrutiny that is the Olympics to create the newest hot winter resort town in the world: Sochi, Russia. Travel Sochi is looking to launch a social media campaign to increase long-haul vacation travel to post-olympic Sochi in 2015.

#briefbrief from @bdm_tastemakers:

#conquerrussia travel ugly. lay fresh tracks. climb first, ask later.try anything twice. blank walls want graffiti. #briefbrief

This scenario is about two fictitious services with a potentially real issue. Pokeface, the world’s largest social network, is looking to launch an integrated campaign to promote its acquisition of Juicy, a fast growing mobile dating app, because they believe that online dating is the future of how people will meet.

#briefbrief from @toritasch:

people can lie on dating sites but not on pokeface's juicy. same profile for user's network & matches = credibility #briefbrief

826 Valencia, a local nonprofit, was built to support students with their creative and expository writing skills and to help teachers inspire their students to write. They’ve reached out to us to develop a campaign that will flood them with potential new tutors so they can scale their offering to meet their ambitions.

#briefbrief from @dalhussien:

cause marketing. win-win & budget. pop up book reading in bay area. popular sad endings rewritten #writeanewfuture #briefbrief

we reached out to the brave strat tweeters (tweetegists?) behind these ideas to find out more about them and whether or not they could be a good fit for us. turns out, they're all real people! who knows what may happen?

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We’re looking for the next rising stars of strategy by challenging them to write a
brief-brief. 140 characters, specifically.

We’re looking for the next rising stars of strategy by challenging them to write a brief-brief. 140 characters, specifically.

for 3 weeks @BBDOSF will release a series of 3 scenarios in need of a communications focused strategic solution via twitter.

you, interested entry-level strategist, are invited to blow our minds with 140 characters summing up your insightful, inspiring strategy. it's our #briefbrief challenge. to enter just tweet @BBDOSF and #briefbrief with your 140 character response before the deadline.

this is an experiment in brevity. can we discern planner potential and insight from a single tweet? maybe? we will interview our top 3 responses by phone and find out.

Will we accidentally end up hiring a spambot? We don't know, but we're interested in finding out.

follow @BBDOSF during our #briefbrief challenge and tweet us your ideas.

challenge 1: february 19th-february 25th feb 19th-feb 25th
challenge 2: february 26th-march 4th feb 26th-march 4th
challenge 3: march 5th-march 11th

questions? tweet @bbdosf